Motoscape Rally Prague

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The Motoscape Rally covers 10 countries and 7 days, but by the time we get home we will have visited 13 countries in 10 days - or at least that's the plan!

We started on September 7th by travelling from home in the UK to St Omer in France for the official start of the Rally. We then travelled via Belgium and Luxembourg into Germany, visiting the famous Nurburgring, before heading to Lake Constance and Feldkirk in Austria along the Black Forest Highway.

After Liechtenstein we entered Switzerland and tackled the Stelvio Pass with its sixty hairpin corners, reaching 2758 metres altitude over the top of the Alps before heading into Italy. After visiting the home of Ferrari at Maranello we headed to Venice before continuing east into Slovenia, taking in the Vrsic Pass which is as stunning as the Stelvio but without the benefit of Swiss tarmac.

From there it's into Hungary and finally to the Czech Republic and Prague for the official end of the Rally. We had a day off before turning for home, back across the breadth of Germany, then the Netherlands, Belgium and France before finally reaching the UK on Tuesday 17th September.

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