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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Yas Marina

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How to get there

Long haul flights are available direct to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which is little further away but taxi's are plentiful and cheap.

Where to stay

There are hotels adjacent to the circuit, but it's about half an hour from Abu Dhabi so if you want to see anything other than a race track it's better to stay in the city itself. We stayed at the Royal Meridien, but there is plenty of choice along the Riviera. Alternatively, you could stay in Dubai, which is about an hour or so from the circuit in the other direction.

What else to do

Abu Dhabi is generally a more cultural city, in contrast to the commercial skyscrapers of Dubai. Both are worth spending time exploring, and a taxi between them takes about an hour and a half but is eminently affordable. In Dubai, the old waterfront port is worth a look and a water taxi is a good way of viewing much of the older city. Abu Dhabi offers the Grand Mosque, a walk along the Riviera and the spectacular Palace.

Transport to the circuit

A five lane highway has been built to serve the circuit, so traffic isn't really an issue for most of the 30 minute journey from Abu Dhabi. However, only vehicles with appropriate permits can actually drop off at the circuit itself, resulting in some entertaining moments between local drivers, police and circuit officials. One good option, particularly on the way back, is to use one of the circuit hotels as a pick-up point.

Which grandstand

Yas Marina circuit has gone to more trouble than most to ensure good viewing. We chose the West Grandstand, giving a close view of the overtaking under hard braking at the end of the long straight, whilst also being able to look across the track and see along the length of the pit straight as well.

Circuit facilities

On track facilities are limited to soft drinks and basic food, although the hotels are not far from the West Grandstand for those wanting something more substantial. They will be busy though, so be prepared to wait in the bar!