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Spanish Grand Prix


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How to get there

Direct, low-cost flights are available into Barcelona, but you can also use trains, ferries and driving. If you do decide to go overland it's a comfortable couple of good days driving, with trains and ferries at least allowing you to sleep whilst still moving.

Where to stay

Barcelona is the main city, but there a number of other seaside towns along the coast which may be cheaper and come with a beach. Check availability though if you plan to use public transport to get to the circuit.

What else to do

As well as the mediterranean beaches along the coast, Barcelona is a great city to visit. Spend time walking down Las Ramblas, taking in the street entertainment and huge fresh food market. The harbour is worth a visit, and also the Cathedral, situated in the Gothic quarter of the city, and the Sagrada Familia unfinished temple. There are lots of bars, cafes and restaurants to choose from, some of the best being away from the busy streets or down by the harbour.

Transport to the circuit

The Circuit de Catalunya is just over half an hour or so north out of Barcelona by road, adjacent to the town of Montmelo. A dedicated coach service runs from Barcelona city centre, operated by Segales, or there is also a nearby railway station with direct trains to and from the city. This gets very busy after the race, but you can queue jump by travelling one stop in the wrong direction, changing trains and then coming back the other way!

Which grandstand

First corner gives a good view of turns one, two and three, with the higher seats also getting a glimpse of the back part of the circuit. Good views can also be had at the beginning of the pit straight, looking over to the final chicane of the lap.

Circuit facilities

Most of the merchandising is behind the pit straight grandstand, with food and drinks available around the circuit. It's generally ok, though not as good as some other European circuits.