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Singapore Grand Prix

Singapore City

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How to get there

Long haul flights are available direct to Singapore airport. You could combine your visit with a trip to Malaysia or other far eastern destinations such as Hong Kong.

Where to stay

Singapore isn't short of hotels, but already expensive prices have an additional levy imposed for the Grand Prix week. As a result, staying just outside of the city centre is a good call. We stayed on Havelock road, which was also handy to take a water taxi down the river into the heart of town.

What else to do

There's plenty to do in Singapore City and the surrounding areas. Explore the riverside area, Orchard Road shopping, the colonial City Hall and have a Singapore Sling in the Long Bar at Raffles. Raffles also has some great restaurants, but it's also worth trying the ethnic areas such as Little India. Outside of town, the Night Zoo and cable car over to Sentosa Island are both worthwhile.

Transport to the circuit

If you're staying in town then everything is walkable, although there are plenty of taxis and also the water taxi if you are in the right place. Make sure the taxi driver doesn't take you to see his brother's suit shop if you in a hurry though!

Which grandstand

The circuit is divided into hte purpose built section around the pit area and marina area and the streets of the city itself. The city lets you get closer to the cars, but may not then get much of a broader view, although there are plenty of big screen TVs. The stadium area itself is more conventional, and seats towards turn 1 give a good view of the pits and first hairpin.

Circuit facilities

Facilities around the stadium area are good for food and drink, although space is limited for the merchandising. Obviously there are plenty of shops and restaurants in the city area around the rest of the circuit, although they will be busy. The big wheel, giving great views of the circuit and the city, is well worth a trip but go during the previous week to avoid queueing.