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Russian Grand Prix


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How to get there

Flights to Sochi generally go via Moscow, which itself is worth spending a couple of days exploring. An alternative experience is the sleeper train, which takes a full day for the journey, making you realise just what a large country this is.

Where to stay

The city of Sochi has a good selection of hotels. There is limited accommodation closer to the circuit, which is in the Olympic Park, although Adler has some local facilities.

What else to do

It is worth spending some time in the city, including the beach area, to get a feel for life in this part of the world. Given the effort you've put into getting visa's etc, why not spend some time in the country also explore Moscow and beautiful St Petersburg.

Transport to the circuit

The Olympic Park is a long way from the city, but the local trains are frequent and free during the event and so are much the easiest method.

Which grandstand

In some ways, Sochi is bit like a street circuit in that visibility is often limited to the immediate piece of track in front of the grandstand. The pit straight or the grandstand on the outside of the long left hander of turn 3.

Circuit facilities

Facilities are limited but well organised. Make sure to have local currency for smaller purchases.