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Monaco Grand Prix

Monte Carlo

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How to get there

You can fly into Nice and then catch a train, or even a helicopter shuttle, to Monaco itself. Alternatively, you could take the train all the way, or drive. Eurostar to Paris and then TGV to Monaco ( some trains involve a change at Nice ) is a relaxing days journey and tickets for the TGV section of the trip are particularly good value when booked early.

Where to stay

Monaco has many famous (read expensive) hotels, some of which are by the trackside and offer views of the circuit from your balcony. For those on a budget, the border with France runs through the northern part of the town and a small hotel on the French side of the road can be significantly cheaper than the same hotel on the Monaco side. Alternatively, stay in the pretty seaside resort of Menton and take the train.

What else to do

There are lots of classic sights within Monaco itself, and mostly all within walking distance although it does seem that every route involves going up lots of steps. Go to Casino Square, sit and have coffee at the Cafe Paris or if you are feeling brave, head for the casino itself. Slightly out of town are the Monaco gardens with underground caves, and the Royal Palace which overlooks the harbour.

Transport to the circuit

If you are staying in town, then the only way is to walk. Try to plan your route though, as some routes are cut off by the track or other support services. If you are staying further afield, then the trains are reliable and the station is not far from the middle of town.

Which grandstand

Casino Square gives you a chance to see the cars up close as they negotiate two sides of the square. Our favourite though is at the beginning of the swimming pool section, which allows you to see the cars exit the tunnel and take the chicane before turning in front of you to head for the swimming pool itself. From this point, you can also hear the cars heading along the pit straight as it is right behind you.

Circuit facilities

Being in town there are plenty of places to eat and drink, although anything with a trackside view will be charging for the privilege and most places in the centre of town will be busy. Book early if you want to eat anywhere special. At lunchtime over the weekend, Walking away from the centre for 10 minutes could well save you time in the long run. There aren't too many of the usual merchandising outlets, but there are still plenty of street stalls.