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Mexican Grand Prix

Mexico City

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How to get there

There are direct flights to Mexico City, but cheaper options may involve a stop over in Miama, Atlanta or another hub city in the USA. If you are planning to explore further, there are also plenty of flights from key cities in Central and South America.

Where to stay

As a large, capital city, Mexico City has plenty of hotel accommodation. The circuit itself is not in a particularly interesting area, and city traffic is heavy, so stay central and walk to the sights, bars, restaurants and markets.

What else to do

Mexico City has a good mix of old and new architecture and a lively restaurant, bar and party scene. The Festival of the Dead occurs around the same time as the race and is largely a street party so get out and about to see people dressed in all kinds of macabre costumes. Outside of Mexico City, it is a short flight to a seaside resort either on the west coast, which tends to be more popular, or the east coast, which offers some quieter options.

Transport to the circuit

Taxi's are relatively cheap so even though traffic is heavy it is still the best way to go. Public transport is limited although buses do run to and from the city centre. Whichever approach you take, allow an good hour or two for the journey.

Which grandstand

The Stadium section towards the end of the lap has a great atmosphere and good views of the cars, but the grandstands at the end of both straights offer a better chance of overtaking action.

Circuit facilities

There are plenty of facilities scattered around the circuit, with some areas being set out with picnic style benches and a good selection of food and drink vans. These operate using tokens, which can be bought at locations around the circuit.