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Malaysian Grand Prix


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How to get there

There are direct flights from the UK to Kuala Lumpur, or you might decide to do a double header with Australia and fly direct from there. Either way, KL is a modern airport with lots of facilities. It is, however, a long way from the city, so if you're not on an organised tour you might want to public transport or one of the hotel shuttle buses.

Where to stay

Most of the good english speaking hotels are in the centre of town, as are most of the places you will want to visit ( other than the Sepang circuit itself ). A mono-rail runs around the town centre and will take you close to most places of interest.

What else to do

The twin Petronas towers are one of the most famous sights in this part of Asia and well worth a visit. You need to book well in advance to take the tour to the top, but there is also an excellent shopping centre at the bottom of the building. The central station and nearby market are also worth a browse, and you can also try the Malaysia tower. Like most of Asia, the local shopping is cheap but westernised shops and malls charge a big premium.

Transport to the circuit

Sepang is a long way from KL, so if you are not on an organised tour then use one of the regular shuttle buses put on for the race. The main hotels have details of when and where to find them.

Which grandstand

As usual, the first corner is good spot but the layout of the Sepang circuit means you also get some good moves at the central hairpin. There are plenty of televisions and all the grandstands are covered, which is useful because when it rains in Malaysia it really rains!

Circuit facilities

Although it's a new circuit there isn't much else outside of the immediate area of the main grandstand, so don't expect to spend much time walking around. The available food is also fairly basic.