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Japanese Grand Prix


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How to get there

Flights are available to Tokyo, from where there are a number of options to get closer to Suzuka itself, of which we would recommend the bullet train to Nagoka and either stay there or change for Suzuka City itself.

Where to stay

The circuit is located within the district of Suzuka City. However, you may prefer to stay in Nagoya, which is a larger city with much more to do and see. Do make time to visit Tokyo as well if you haven't been there already (see Japan Fuji for info on Tokyo).

What else to do

Spend some time to experience Japanese culture and hospitality. Nagoya has plenty of clubs and bars, or you could take the bullet train to teh beautiful city of Kyoto.

Transport to the circuit

Japanese public transport is brilliantly efficient, and the easiest way to get to and from the circuit. From Nagoya, take the train to Shirako, from where regular buses operate for the last few miles to the circuit. Getting out is just as easy, although there can be long queues for the fast trains so taking a regular commuter train may work out quicker and cheaper.

Which grandstand

The first corner is always a good spot, although the unique figure of eight configuration at Suzuka provides some interesting views further around the circuit, perhaps for a walk on practice days.

Circuit facilities

The circuit is well equipped and whilst there isn't as much merchandising as in Europe there is nevertheless plenty to buy and the facilities are generally very good. A variety of styles of fast food are available, including traditional western pizza, burgers etc.