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Italian Grand Prix


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How to get there

Flights are available to Milan, or it's possible to drive and take in the scenery of the Alps and, if you have time, go over one of the Cols rather than sticking to the main roads and tunnels. Either way, it's better to spend a couple of days on the journey. Remember if you enter Switzerland on a motorway, or want to use motorways in the country, you will have to buy a pass at the border.

Where to stay

Milan has got lots of stylish hotels, or you might choose Como as more scenic locations, or one of the other towns not too far away with motor sport connections such as Brescia or Modena, or perhaps even in Monza itself if you manage to book early.

What else to do

Wherever in the above list you don't stay, you should at least visit. Milan has good shopping and stylish architecture, including the spectacular cathedral, and the surrounding towns each have their own appeal. Ferrari fans will also want to visit Maranello, just south of Modena.

Transport to the circuit

Race day traffic is manic, and parking difficult. Monza railway station is to the south of the city centre and the circuit to the north, but if you can get a bus to the old city centre then it's a short walk into the Royal Park and a good couple of miles futher to the circuit itself.

Which grandstand

Ferrari fever hits the entire site, but is at its height along the pit straight. There is good viewing at the first chicane, although only for relatively short piece of track and the grandstand is open to the elements.

Circuit facilities

Whilst there isn't as much modern merchandising as you might expect, do take the time to visit the centre of the circuit and browse the circuit shops which contain some interesting and different things than you will normally get on the stalls. Also take the opportunity to walk south through the centre of the park and find the old banked circuit.