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German Grand Prix


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How to get there

The nearest main airport is Dusseldorf and direct flights are available from the UK. Alternatively, take the euro-tunnel or ferry across the channel and drive down. An early morning crossing will put you in the local area around mid-afternoon without trying too hard. It's best to avoid Brussels on a Friday though, as the ring road there will immediately remind you of the M25 ant the road south through Germany can also be busy. Instead, head for Lille and then head east into Germany. There's not much in it for mileage but it's an easier journey.

Where to stay

Camping at the circuit is popular, and you have immediate access into the circuit, or there are a few hotels and B&B's in the local villages. However, the Nurburgring is well into the mountains and the nearest large town is Koblenz. There is a good choice of hotels here, along with restaurants, bars and all the usual ameneties.

What else to do

As noted above, there isn't much around the circuit itself, although the scenery is beautiful. However, Koblenz has an attractive and historic town centre, built at confluence of the Rhine and Moselle rivers. There are river tours, museums etc or just wander around and soak up the atmosphere.

Transport to the circuit

Road is the only option, but there are buses from Koblenz station to take you to the circuit and back for about 10€. The journey takes an hour and it's best to leave early to avoid queueing too long in Koblenz. Don't think you'll be much quicker by car though, as most of the time is spent in a long convoy of traffic along twisty mountain roads.

Which grandstand

The Mercedes grandstand immediately before the first corner offers views down to the pitlane, around the first hairpin and the next couple of corners before picking up the cars again as they come back along the rear part of the circuit. However, there are good viewing points on the outside of turns 5, 6 and 7 which are also close to the main campsite, although uncovered.

Circuit facilities

The new facilities behind the pit straight are excellent and there is plenty of beer and basic food around the circuit. Historically there hasn't been as much merchandising as at some circuits, however.