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Chinese Grand Prix


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How to get there

There are direct flights from the UK to Shanghai, or you might decide to come via Hong Kong or Singapore and spend a few days there as well. Shanghai airport is about an hour out of the city centre by road, but the alternative is the MagLev monorail train, which reaches 430km/h ( faster than an F1 car ) and completes the journey in less than a quarter of the time. From the terminus, get a taxi or use the metro but be aware that the taxi drivers don't speak or read english so you will need a business card or similar with your hotel address in Chinese to be sure of getting there.

Where to stay

Try stay in the centre of town, within a short Metro or taxi ride from the Bund as most attractions and nightlife are centred around this area.

What else to do

Shanghai is a big city with lots to offer. The historic Bund on the riverside is preserved from the 1930's and includes the Peace Hotel, which was the place to stay in colonial times. The tourist tunnel under the river is worth trying and takes you from the Bund to the base of the Television Tower, now dwarfed by the Jinmao tower and another tower currently being built. The Jinmao contains offices, the Hyatt Hotel with a 30-odd storey atrium, and a bar on the 87th floor.

Other parts of town include the French Quarter, for shopping and restaurants, and there are a number of temples easily accessible by Metro or Taxi. Also check out the central Park and museum, which includes a model of the city as it is planned to be. A river cruise is also a great way of seeing different parts of the town.

Transport to the circuit

The circuit is a good hour out of town, so if you aren't on an organised tour then ask the hotel for the best way to get there. One notable feature is that all the local watch sellers will be out in force, so if you've always wanted a fake Rolex, now is your chance. Haggle though, and remember prices are cheaper on a Sunday night!

Which grandstand

Once again, the first corner is a good spot and is within easy reach of the main facilities behind the pit straight.

Circuit facilities

Facilities around the main straight are excellent, with lots of merchandising and even free internet access. Food is basic though, and you can end up queueing for quite a while.