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Brazilian Grand Prix


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How to get there

Direct flights go to Sao Paolo, or you may choose to fly into Rio or other South American locations for a longer holiday.

Where to stay

Sao Paolo is a huge city with many different districts, some of which have a poor reputation and are worth avoiding. The Garden District is more upmarket, has a good choice of restaurants and is reasonably close to the main shopping and tourist areas. It is also on the right side of town for the trip to Interlagos itself.

What else to do

There are plenty of things to see, although getting around is not particularly easy as the traffic is heavy and local taxi drivers may not speak English or indeed have much knowledge of their own city. Avenue Paulista is perhaps the most well known shopping street though is now rather shabby and dated. The old town area around the Cathedral is worth visiting although again extremely conjested.

Transport to the circuit

Some hotels organise shuttles or you can get together a hire a car and driver for the day. This can seem expensive but one of the problems is that traffic flows are only one way so having driven to the circuit, drivers are pretty much stuck there all day and have to pay parking. The traffic can be bad, so take the advice of the locals and leave plenty of time. A hour and a half from the Garden District is probably about right.

Which grandstand

Interlagos is a small circuit in a natural bowl, so grandstands D or E, near turn 2, have a view over a good amount of the track.Seating is not numbered, so it pays to arrive in good time. It is also not possible to walk around the circuit or access any other areas.

Circuit facilities

Some grandstands have fast food and beers at the back of the grandstand included in the price of the tickets, and there are also a few merchandising stands. However, choice is pretty limited.