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Belgian Grand Prix


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How to get there

Flights are available to Brussels or Liege, but Spa is an easy drive from the main channel ports, so Euro-Tunnel or ferry to Calais or Dunkerque are the obvious routes. You can drive via Brussels, but the traffic tends to be heavy, particularly on a Friday, so Lille and Namur to Liege is often a better bet.

Where to stay

There are a limited number of hotels in the town of Spa, but otherwise you are looking at Verviers or heading into the City of Liege. Camping is common and plentiful, though the weather can be unpredictable so be prepared. Also check the distance between your campsite and where you intend to watch, as Spa is a big circuit.

What else to do

The forest area around Spa is pretty, but doesn't otherwise offer too much in terms of activities so if you want more, then Liege city centre offers an old town with plenty of character, or head to Brussels.

Transport to the circuit

Car is the usual method, with all the attendent queues. The railway station is Spa is some 10km away, although some local buses do run to the circuit.

Which grandstand

Spa has a number of famous corners, all of which offer potential for excitement. Our favourite spot is just before the La Source hairpin, although the core circuit facilities are then a few minutes walk away.

Circuit facilities

There has been a much needed upgrade recently, but away from the main paddock area not much has changed. There are plenty of street stalls and bars on the long road into the main entrance.