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Azerbaijan Grand Prix


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How to get there

During the oil boom there were direct flights from Heathrow, but now it is necessary to change. A number of options are available, including Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

Where to stay

Hotels in the city are good value so ensure you stay downtown or near the harbour and hence within reasonable walking distance of both the track and the main Baku attractions. There is a mix of international brand hotels but local quality hotels in the old city region offer something with more of a local flavour.

What else to do

Baku has a number of characterful districts within easy reach of each other. The old town, and the Maiden Tower, is an obvious tourist spot and has many fine buildings and Persian style restaurants spilling onto the narrow streets. The more modern, european flavour shopping district is close by and the waterfront, with parks and gardens, is pleasant way of walking to the circuit. The 'flame' towers are up on the hill, with views of the city and war memorials relevant to the countries recent past.

Transport to the circuit

If you are staying in the old city, the everything is within walking distance with the main pit grandstand a pleasant walk along the waterfront.

Which grandstand

The first corner is at the end of the long, wide pit straight and a good spot for some action. Alternatively, you may choose to find some niche locations as the cars navigate the twisty streets, but your views there are more likely to be limited by the close nature of the buildings.

Circuit facilities

Facilities behind the main grandstand are reasonable, with multiple food vendors. Merchandising is limited though, and at other locations you will need to use local bars and shops.