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Austrian Grand Prix

Red Bull Ring

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How to get there

The circuit is in the middle of the Austrian countryside, well away from major cities. Direct flights are available from UK to Vienna, or with one stop you can get to Graz, which is significantly closer.

Where to stay

There are limited hotels in the immediate area, or head for the cities such as Vienna or Graz. Alternatively, camping is available around the circuit.

What else to do

The local area has small towns and villages, but no major tourist attractions other than the scenery. Vienna is a 200km away, but has the historic and nightlife you'd expect of a major capital.

Transport to the circuit

It's about two hours via car from Vienna, plus queueing time, or less from Graz. Alternatively, take the specially laid on trains from Vienna or Graz to Spielberg, then bus into the circuit.

Which grandstand

The circuit is set in a natural bowl, so there are many good views from around the edge of the track. However, only the pit straight grandstand is covered. A spot just along from the pit exit also provides views over the latter part of the circuit.

Circuit facilities

These have been updated as part of bringing the circuit back onto the calendar, so merchandising and food are on a par with other European tracks.