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Australian Grand Prix


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How to get there

This is about as far away as you can get from Blighty, so expect a 20 hour or so flight with a short stop in places like Hong Kong or Singapore. Both of these cities have plenty to offer, so you could choose to break the journey and spend a few days there, although bear in mind you might also visit for other races. Alternative, do as we did and spend time in Australia. Internal flights are relative cheap and Sidney isn't far away. Perth and Fremantle "Freo" are also worth a visit but it's further than you would think so do it on the way out or the way home.

Where to stay

There are plenty of hotels in Melbourne, but it's best to be in the centre or near a convenient tram stop for easy access to the middle of town. Although Melbourne is spread out geographically, most places you will want to visit are in the centre.

What else to do

Melbourne is a modern city with plenty of restaurants and shopping arcades. It's worth going to the riverside bars and cafe's where a series of tall poles periodically blow spectacular flames into the night sky. Also visit the Italian quarter which is buzzing with Ferrari fever over the race weekend.

Transport to the circuit

The Melbourne tram network is efficient and runs right past the entrance to Albert Park. It's about 5 minutes by tram or 20 minutes by foot into the middle of town. At the end of the race, it seems like every tram in Melbourne is lined up ready to take you away, so whilst a queue does form it also moves very quickly.

Which grandstand

The first corner is an overtaking spot as well as being a regular for incidents at the start of the race. There is a big screen opposite to help you keep track of what is happening elsewhere. In between races you can wander into the middle of the track where they have various exhibitions such as classic cars.

Circuit facilities

Facilities are good, with plenty of food and beer on tap. There is even a restaurant in the middle of the park where it is possible to book a table - if you are early enough in the weekend. After the race, they show it all again on the big screens so you can have a beer and wait for the queues to die down.