19:04 Tue 17 : Safely home - to discover a Mondeo with a flat battery! So much for modern reliability. Rally stats to come tomorrow. - Failed to retrieve a location. Perhaps there is no GPS signal?

10:46 Tue 17 : Coffee stop before the final leg of the journey to Calais. Good meal and drinks last night @chateaunevers

15:15 Mon 16 : After crossing Germany and a brief amble through The Netherlands we arrive in Namur, Belgium. Car running well after a bit of tweakery and even the Wally Wagon has made it up to the Chateau.

16:00 Sun 15 : Cries of "left", followed by "no, the other left", finally bring us to the hotel in Wurzburg. Getting close now.....

12:23 Sun 15 : Found Croatian restaurant just into Germany for Sunday lunch. No idea what we're having other than it seems to involve lots of meat.

14:04 Fri 13 : Made it to Prague and the end of the official rally - just got to get back, but that's for another day!

12:03 Fri 13 : Stop in Jihlava, Czech Republic, before the final leg into Prague. Still got misfire but otherwise all ok.

16:38 Thu 12 : Heavy rain in Sopron so hotel bar looks attractive. Car sounding a bit grumpy - or could just be me. Either way it can wait until the rain stops.

13:49 Thu 12 : Vrsic better than Stelvio and less traffic = more fun! Late lunch stop near Graz before hitting the cross country route to Hungary.

08:46 Thu 12 : Fuel stop @Udine prior to heading into Slovenia and the Vrsic pass - wish us luck!

11:36 Wed 11 : Arrived just outside Venice for an afternoon's tourism. 1317 miles completed so just under half way. More tails of destruction last night as broken cars, and in some cases broken people, arrived late.

18:02 Tue 10 : Made it to Bergamo. Great day, all intact and looking forward to huge pizza

11:30 Tue 10 : At bottom of Stelvio pass - ready to climb!

09:31 Tue 10 : Good Morning from Liechtenstein. Wally's decided against Stelvio but we're carrying on.

18:59 Mon 09 : Through Switzerland and into Austria for overnight in Feldkirk. Good mix of scenery today and car running well (fatal statement)

12:23 Mon 09 : Goulash for lunch in Baden Baden, then the Black Forest Highway this afternoon

22:01 Sun 08 : Best fireworks ever - Winningen

19:35 Sun 08 : End if day 2 in Koblenz. Fun roads through Luxembourg and western Germany, with lots of hairpins, but the Werneth Wally Wagon doesn't like the hills

14:49 Sun 08 : Bastagne for late lunch before heading into Luxembourg. Toll for the rally so far is an incontinent Merc, seized caliper on a Mitsubishi and a Skoda under inspection.

13:20 Sat 07 : st omer, registration and first beer. parked near ford galaxy with built in tank turret - not sure on intended target though

09:35 Sat 07 : made it to Dover. stopped to put hood up causing sun to come out!

06:40 Sat 07 : all set and ready to go!